Welcome to Unit 3 - Novel Study

In this unit we will be studying a Speculative Fiction novel called Brown Girl in the Ring. Speculative Fiction is a genre defined by the question "What If?"
The novel also deals with themes of alienation, survival and good versus evil. Keep this in mind as we read together.


ESSAY QUESTIONS: These are to think about as you're finishing your novel and start generating some ideas about thesis statements and quotes.

1. Ti-Jeanne is struggling to come to terms with her heritage. With specific reference to three (3) different aspects of Ti-Jeanne's Caribbean culture, discuss how Ti_Jeanne overcomes her own prejudices about her culture.

2. Brown Girl in the Ring is a story full of binary opposites. Good and evil, selfish and selfless, healer and harmful, caring and cold, etc. The novel also focuses on strong female characters. With specific reference to one female character, and her relationship with male characters in the novel, examine how the female character exhibits positive characteristics while the male characters often exhibit the negatives.

3. A prevalent conflict in Speculative Fiction is person vs. the supernatural. With specific reference to three (3) supernatural occurances or beings, discuss how the supernatural either helps or hinders Ti-Jeanne.

4. Brown Girl in the Ring takes place in a futuristic Toronto where the comforts of civilized society have been replaced with 'old world' methods of living. Discuss how the return to traditional values is integral to good triumphing over evil.